We Cater...

A Lot!

A Pokey O is a "custom" made to order ice cream sandwich individually prepared by our full service catering staff or our new Pokey O's Dessert Truck!   We guarantee a unique & nostalgic experience for you and your guests!


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Being a mom to two amazing daughters has been my claim to fame for over 21 years.

 After launching those two amazing daughters to begin their own journey, I began contemplating the next phase of MY journey.

If you've ever been blessed by the luxury of being able to devote yourself fully to your children,

you will understand that moment when you ask yourself "Now What?".  

I wasn't fully aware of it at the time, but my "Now What?" question was answered on a hot July day in Waco, Texas when my oldest daughter convinced me that I had to have a Pokey O.  I was truly hooked after the first bite (actually, I was first hooked at the intrigue of having to find this mystical Pokey O Dessert Truck by tracking it's location on social media).

Over the course of the next year I couldn't shake the idea of starting my own Pokey O's right here in Tyler (maybe that would make those two college daughters come home more!). After all, baking (and eating) delicious desserts

has truly been a passion of mine for years and it was time for me to follow my passions!

So, I am proud to say that after months of planning & hard work,

Pokey O's Tyler is here...And my biggest fans are my two amazing daughters!

Cassidy & Madi Hammer